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Canvas Print Allen Iverson Philadelphia 76ers Wall Art, Basketball Player Poster, Contemporary Abstract Drawing - NBA-AI02

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Katia Skye has designed this portrait of Allen Iverson with utmost care and precision and so the canvas print has all the qualities of a masterpiece.This canvas print of Iverson can decorate any space and motivate you by its top notch artistry. Katia Skye is an experienced artist who has brought the flavor of basketball in this canvas art. Her extensive knowledge regarding canvas prints is incredibly portrayed in this artwork of Iverson.  

The lively spirit of the basketball star, Allen Iversion comes across very well in the canvas art, especially enhanced by the colour scheme of the piece. The choice of shades used in the canvas art seamlessly blends in with any decor effortlessly. 

Art Variant: NBA-AI02

More about our Allen Iverson Philadelphia 76ers wall art

  • Our 76ers canvas art is available in 15 different dimensions to suit every space perfectly. You can take a look at them on our official website. 
  • The depth of the canvas can also be customized and is available in two different sizes which are 0.75 inches and 1.5 inches. You will need to specify the dimension as well as the depth of the canvas art that you want before checking out. 
  • The wall art retails for $40 (minimum size) excluding shipping charges. 
  • The 76ers wall art comes with its wooden frame, the canvas has been stretched onto it seamlessly. Therefore, there is no requirement for external frames. 
  • The copyright text will be removed from the artwork that will be shipped to you. 

Shipping Concerns

We are linked with reputable and dependable shipping partners like UPS and FedEx who take care of your artwork for you. 

Shipping charges are separated and added at checkout depending on where it needs to be sent. 

We offer a flawless experience and bring your canvas art to your doorstep. Extra care is taken during shipping to ensure that the quality of the canvas is preserved. Therefore, you can enjoy a hassle-free shipping experience with us. 

What makes our canvas art special? 

  • Our 76ers art is unique and of premium quality. The material of the canvas as well as the paints used are top-notch and offer a sophisticated and polished appearance. 
  • Another incredible feature of our wall art is that it can be placed anywhere. The different dimensions already make it very versatile and adding to that, the colors used are vibrant and can blend in with any type of decor. You can add this canvas art to any space like your home, office space, or even workout area. 
  • This 76ers wall decor also makes an amazing gift. You can gift this to your friends and loved ones on different occasions like birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduation parties, office parties, and other events as well. This high-quality gift will receive a lot of love. 

One of our other specialties is that we also have acrylic print wall art for these canvas art pieces as well as print them on t-shirts. Therefore, you can now wear your favorite artwork wherever you go.

About Allen Iverson:

Allen Ezail Iverson was a former American professional basketball player also popularly called ‘The Answer’. He was a great achiever with many feathers in his cap. He has played as many as fourteen seasons in the National Football Association (NBA)  as a shooting guard and also as a point guard. He is an 11-time All-Star and one of the most valuable players in the NBA.

Allen won the ‘All-Star Game MVP Award’ in 2001 and 2005 and NBA Rookie of the Year award several times. His swiftness and his signature move namely the crossover dribble  were his unique game plan that made the best defenders feel helpless. Off the court his dressing style with baggy clothings, sparkling jewellery, and braided hair made him a style icon among teenagers.

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