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Article: Summer is here!

Canvas print of Cannabis leaf

Summer is here!

I'm always super excited but also a little sad when summer comes around. Excited because I can spend more time outside, hang out with my kids without having to worry about homework, packing school lunches, getting to bed on time, etc. Pool, vacations, barbecues. All the fun! I mean who doesn't like summer?

But at the same time, I am sad because I know that it's going to be hard for me to find time to sit in my office with some music on and work creatively. Creative process is not something I can break into small tasks and find a few minutes here and there throughout the day and get some stuff done. Creative process is slow, it is something I can spend quite some time getting into and then be lost in the state of flow for an unknown period of time, which CANNOT be interrupted. And obviously, it is absolutely impossible to not get distracted with all the running, jumping, screaming, "mom, i'm hungry", "mom, I want ice cream", "mom, I scratched my knee", "mom, mom, mom, mom, mom...". I tried, trust me! But every time I tried, I get interrupted while my computer is still starting up (and computers are pretty fast these days). 

I'm not complaining, don't get me wrong. And I'm sure some of you moms out there can relate. All I'm saying is that in the summer, you will most likely not see much new art from me. And that's ok. I'm learning to accept what is, enjoy the present, and trust the flow of life. We are exactly where we are supposed to be at any given moment in life. 

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