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About Katia Skye

Express your uniqueness!

♥ Hello and Welcome: My name is Katia! Welcome to my shop! If you're curious to see the world through the lens of color, lines and color splashes, I invite you to look around my shop and see if there's anything that would peak your interest.

♥What I do: Right now I focus on creating digital drawings and designs because it allows me to safely create those in the company of my kids, who are my life, my love, my inspiration, and motivation.

♥ How it began: I started this business as a way to express my craving for color. I wanted to add simple yet colorful drawings to my surroundings, but I soon realized that others wanted to have them too.

♥ Why: I like to surround myself with art that is simple yet colorful, minimalist yet explosive. And that’s how I started creating my drawings. I believe everyone has their unique way of seeing things, their unique perception of things, their unique taste in things; and when we’re able to share that unique point of view, wonderful things happen!

♥ Why behind the why: For several years, I was stuck in a corporate world, feeling like I'm not getting anywhere and working simply to help someone realize their dreams through others' efforts. I wasn't fulfilling my creative itch, I was fulfilling someone else's creative itch. I wanted to love my job! And I want others to find what they love. And when you enjoy something made with love, it makes you want to search and pursue your own passions.

♥ Enjoy: If you like my style, technique or any specific item in my shop, don't forget to add it to your favorites, or shoot me a message if you have something custom in mind. I'll be looking forward to your orders!


Production Partners:


     Ahmedabad, India

    A well-established print shop, who offers Best Quality Canvas Prints in the world. Period. From the material to the printing process to the handcrafted frame and stretching. We take pride in being the finest.


     Tampa, FL

    Family-owned High quality printing business, with whom I've partnered up to bring you the best quality at the best price. The company is located in Tampa, Florida and manufacturing unit is in India.

  • Printing Company

     Richmond, TX

    All my printed apparel goods - t-shirts, hoodies, and shoes - are made by this printing company. I create the designs and they help me bring them to life in the form of high quality apparel or wall art.

  • Professional Photo Paper Printer

     TX, United States

    A Large Print Shop with capabilities of printing professional quality prints from wallet size to poster size. The items are shipped directly from the printing warehouse.